GPA Week 10 Recap

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Week 10 Recap

In this issue:

The Vikings get a win over the Lions
The Bears lose to the Texans

The Vikings found a way to beat the favored Lions 34-24 at Mall of America Field (the Metrodome). Without Percy Harvin, and with less than 100 yards passing in two games this season, Adrian Peterson was going to have a big game. He had 171 yards on 27 carries and scored a touchdown. I think that qualifies.

Harvin’s replacement, Jarius Wright, had 3 catches for 65 yards and a touchdown. Christian Ponder crammed 3 weeks of stats into one game, going 24 of 32 for 221 and 2 TDs. That offset a huge game by Calvin Johnson, 12 catches for 207 yards and a touchdown. The Vikings had 403 net yards to 368 for Detroit. The Lions lost a fumble and an interception. Minnesota didn’t turn the ball over. It’s easier to win when you’re at home, especially plus two in turnovers. This team plays pretty well at home against marginal teams, sometimes even against very good teams like San Francisco. Unfortunately for them, not every game is at home, and not every team is mediocre.

The Chicago Bears fell to the Houston Texans on a windy rainy night in Chicago 13-6. The sloppy field helped the Bears on offense, making JJ Watt a non-factor. Watt consistently puts pressure on the quarterback and knocks down passes, but that didn’t happen. But the Bears lost four turnovers to two by the Texans, and while neither offense could consistently drive down the field, the Texans made the most of their opportunities. Jay Cutler was struggling in the first half, and ended up 7 of 14 for 40 yards and two picks. He also ran 3 times for 37 yards and got a few first downs before taking a shot that would knock him out of the game with a concussion. He did stay in for the rest of the first half, including his second pick.

Arian Foster ran for 85 yards in the first half, but the Bears shut him down in the second half. He ended the game with 102 yards on 29 carries. But other than a pass from backup QB Jason Campbell to Brandon Marshall that got the Bears in the red zone, Chicago didn’t have many scoring chances. Of those they had, Robbie Gould hit two field goals and hit the upright on the third attempt. Arian Foster’s diving catch was the only touchdown of the game.

Hard to get a feel for who the better team was given the wind, rain, and poor footing. The Bears made more mistakes and lost in bad conditions. With a suspect offensive line and a quarterback who doesn’t play well under pressure, it’s likely they would have lost worse had the game been played in Houston and Watt would have had a typical game. Still, the Bears defense played very well. And at playoff time, the field conditions won’t be any better even on a dry day.

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