Gregor’s Packer Analysis Week 6 Recap

Gregor’s Packer Analysis

Week 6 Recap

In this issue:

The Lions needed help, and they got it
The Vikings lose for the second time on the road
The Packers stomp the Texans

The Lions weren’t going to beat the Philadelphia Eagles without help. Michael Vick decided to be a gracious host and give the Lions all the help they needed as Detroit walked out with a 26-23 overtime win. A 16-6 Philly lead was cut to 3 points, then extended to 10 again at 23-13 in the 4th quarter. But Detroit scored the last 13 points of the game, 10 in regulation and 3 in OT. Vick threw two picks and Philly also fumbled to help Detroit end the game +2 in turnovers (Matthew Stafford was picked off once). The Lions were able to get a win after the bye week, but couldn’t do it themselves. Michael Vick might want to make sure he doesn’t spend next year’s money this year unless things get a lot better. There’s a pretty good chance his contract won’t go the distance.

The Vikings scored early, but the scores were 3 field goals. After that, it was Washington scoring often as the Redskins won 38-26. While he started the season with no interceptions, Christian Ponder threw two picks for the second week in a row, and the Vikings ended up -2 in turnovers. The Vikings had 421 total yards, the Redskins had 361 total yards. Minnesota had another 100 yards on three kickoff returns to none for the Redskins. It sounds good, but an average of the 33 yard line instead of the 20 didn’t do a lot in determining the outcome. A 76 yard TD run by RG III did, as that was the final score and his second rushing TD of the game. Ponder threw for 170 more yards, but Griffin ran for 125 more yards. Minnesota is 4-2 overall, but just 1-2 on the road.

The Packers had played one good game all season, against the Bears. They doubled the total of good games Sunday night, routing the previously unbeaten Texans 42-24 in Houston. And the defense only gave up 17 points as the Texans blocked a Tim Masthay punt and recovered for a touchdown. Aaron Rodgers tied a team record set last season by Matt Flynn with 6 TD passes.

The Packers held Arian Foster to 29 yards on 17 carries with a long run of 5 yards. Matt Schaub was 20 of 33 for 232 yards, 2 picks and no touchdowns. Green Bay couldn’t run very well, just 99 yards on 31 carries. But Rodgers was 24 of 37 for 338 net yards, and that includes several drops again this week. Other than the drops and the blocked punt, the Packers looked like a Super Bowl contender again. Several of the TD drives were extended courtesy of the Texans, including one with an offside call on 4th down on the first TD drive and another with two personal fouls that changed the scoreboard from a field goal to a touchdown.

Now the Packers need to show this type of complete game the rest of the season, and not have a bad half like the first half against Seattle and the second half against the Colts. And show up like against the Texans and Bears, and not disappear like the San Francisco game when playing a good team. There’s over half the season left, plenty of time to get back into the NFC playoff picture. Especially with the 2011 MVP playing like it’s 2011.

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